Stomach settling super suckers
Stomach settling super suckers
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Barley Sugars


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Stomach settling super suckers
Stomach settling super suckers

Barley sugar sweets are yet another really old and traditional British sweet, dating back to Elizabethan times.  As the name suggests they are actually made with barley from the fields in late summer. The barley beads are taken, soaked overnight and the “stock” that is released is then used to make the base flavouring of these sweets. For years they have been used as a health giving tonic to combat upset stomachs, as sweets to suck when travelling (they’re great as take off and landing sweets on aeroplanes too) and are very much a “summer” sweet, given how they are made and their gorgeous buttery yellow colour.

A fantastic around hard boiled sweet that isn’t too strong flavoured either. A great British traditional sweet if ever there was one!

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